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Vauxhall auto repairs specialist in Hampshire. Avoid the garage and let us come to you to fix and repair your Vauxhall car or van.

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"What Eddie doesn’t know about Vauxhall’s isn’t worth knowing! He is reliable, thorough, extremely knowledgeable & fantastic value for money, can’t recommend him enough, worth every one of those 5 stars"

- Suzanne, Jan 2021

Our services

We service, repair and diagnose all Vauxhall cars and vans less than 15 years old and are dedicated to supplying the best possible service to all our customers.

Our mobile status means that we travel to you and carry a range of commonly fitted parts. This enables us to offer all our customers an excellent, affordable and efficient service.

Vauxhall engine



We can service new Vauxhall cars without affecting the warranty; use genuine or OE Specification parts; and stamp service booklets with a Vauxhall specialist stamp.


Most Vauxhall's require servicing every 20,000 miles or each year, whichever occurs first. Some models may vary, depending on the model and engine type. 20,000 miles between servicing is made possible through the use of long-life fully synthetic engine oils.


Most Vauxhall's require GM Dexos 2 engine oil. Some petrol turbo engines require Dexos1 Gen 2 oil. GM Dexos 1 and Dexos 2 are used in servicing, as recommended by Vauxhall.

Later PSA based Vauxhall's require different oil Specifications which we also use.

Our services include:

  • Diagnostics

  • Engine Management

  • ABS Faults

  • Airbag Faults

  • EV & Hydrids (Vauxhall, Chevrolet & PSA Only)

  • Servicing

  • Software Updates

As we are mobile, we can come to your home or workplace to carry out servicing and repairs.


Servicing includes checking the entire vehicle in accordance with Vauxhall specifications. We will report to you any additional work that is required to be carried out immediately and to ensure MOT standards. No additional work will be carried out without prior agreement.

To book your service, get in touch with us today.

Vauxhall steering wheel
Diagnostic test



Vauxhall has been using many self-diagnostic systems on their vehicles since 1987. In recent times, self-diagnostic systems have been developed to cover the entire electronic network on all Vauxhall models.


This means that even the smallest repairs require utilisation of specialist diagnostic equipment.

We have the latest GM and PSA diagnostic equipment (as used by Vauxhall dealerships). With this, we can check for fault codes stored within any of your car's computer systems.


We assess data generated by each car's control modules and can actuate system parts to check their operation. We can also record data for later analysis and program modules and keys.

  • Latest GM and PSA Diagnostic Equipment - as used by Dealers

  • Latest Test Procedures and Innovative diagnostic Strategies

  • IMI Level 3 TechSafe and HEVRA Registered to diagnose EV & Hydrids

  • Replacement keys and remotes supplied and programmed  

  • Vehicle wide Software Improvement Updates

  • Programming and configuration of new control modules

  • Regularly complete training courses online and with the IMI

  • Access to latest Vauxhall Technical Information and software

  • Friendly Efficient service at your home or workplace

  • Diagnostic Consultant to Garages and Workshops

Diagnostic Service in Engine

All Vauxhall engine management systems have self-diagnostic systems.


If a fault occurs within the system, the yellow engine management light will illuminate on the instrument panel to warn the driver that a problem has been detected.


The computer will store the fault and send the system into default mode so that the car can be driven home safely or to a garage. A technician can then diagnose the fault using the required diagnostic equipment.

Car engine parts

We offer a specialist consultancy and diagnostic service to independent garages and workshops.


Working in partnership with garage staff, we can assist with the diagnosis and repair of Vauxhalls that present to them with technical issues that would normally require dealership assistance.

Car keys



If you require a new key or remote we can supply these and program them to your vehicle. You will need to supply your security codes for the car.


This is a business card sized pass with the security codes for the car on the front. If this cannot be found, we can obtain the security codes from Vauxhall/Opel (formerly General Motors), providing you have a registration document for that vehicle.

If the engine management light flashes or a padlock symbol has illuminated permanently on the dash when switching on the ignition, the immobiliser/engine management system has either detected a fault or does not recognise the key.

We can fix and replace the keys for the following models:

  • Agila

  • Adam

  • Corsa

  • Viva

  • Meriva

  • Crossland

  • Astra

  • Zafira

  • Mokka

  • Trax

  • Volt

  • Ampera

  • Antara

  • Grandland

  • Cruze

  • Cascada

  • Orlando

  • Insignia

  • Combo

  • Combo Life

  • Vivaro

  • Movano

We can supply keys and remotes for Vauxhall and later Chevrolet vehicles. Our call-out charges include programming the keys.

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